Custom Design

Your Dream Home Awaits

Modifications to Stock Plans

We can efficiently make modifications to create your dream home on any stock plan that has CAD files available. Starting with a stock plan significantly reduces the design costs. Do you need to adjust the width or depth of the house? Or perhaps you want to add a window or door? Please contact us to get your project started!

Canadian Energy Code Reviews

In addition to modification services, our modification department also offers Canadian engery code reviews including BCIN certification for the province of Ontario.

Free Estimates

Why are our custom design prices not shown on our site? As each project is unique and prices are not based solely on square footage because some house may include more complicated design elements or special lot requirements we prefer to offer free estimates on your individual project. Contact us today and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Custom Design

Our custom design department has over 100 years cumulative building design experience. Even before publishing on the Internet, our published catalogues exposed our designers to clients from around the globe. We are affiliated with major building design and technical organizations such as AIBD and AScTT. What does our experience mean for you? Your home will be easy and affordable to build, will hold value in the market, and will be a dream to live in.

Please visit our Custom Home and Building Design Department's Canada or United States website to view our portfolio.

Our design department also produces commercial building plans and specialty residential plans, such as care homes.

We value our relationships with builders and developers and have been very successful with a wide range of services specifically suited to these industry clients. We welcome your inquiries on architectural controls for subdivisions, custom plan brochures, and volume discounts on custom design.

How It Works

When you engage Westhome Planners on your next build, your designer will personally work one-on-one with you from start to finish, drawing on the support of the entire Design Department when needed. You will progress through a series of preliminary designs and consultations, culminating with a final set of construction drawings ready to put out to tender and submit for a building permit.

Please contact our Design Department by phoning 1-250-493-0942 or toll free 1-833-493-0942.